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My upcoming Project



I am currently in the process of organising a film festival

The festival will take place in South Pelion, a beatiful punisuala on the east cost of greece. For our first year it will take place only in the village of kalamos for 3 days.

For more information regarding the South Pelion Film Festival visit our social media platforms below

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Drifting into unconsciousness with MAJOR JASON ZIRGANOS

The determination and rigorous mindset of Jason Zirganos, a long-distance swimmer and 48-year-old retired veteran from Volos, Pelion, Greece. Jason was the first Greek to swim the English channel and attempt to swim around Manhattan Island but lost his life in the Irish Channel due to the cruel mystery of undetected hypothermia.

The primary viewpoint and questions will be what it takes for someone to push their body to such extremes. I will be pivoting the story towards the core reasons why Jason Zigarnos

was capable of forcing his body to undertake such extreme states and why he died while attempting to swim the North (Irish) Channel from Orlock Head, Co. Down, Ireland, to Portpatrick, Scotland. What is this obsessive and raging passion that forces these men to the tipping point like other dangerous adventurers? And what are the source or reasoning and need for accomplishing such a hazardous sport?


Why Follow

Another project I have sunken my teeth into is a documentary about the locals of Pelion

Throughout this documentary, I hope to explore and show the world the wonders of Pelion and the locals that have such an important role in keeping this area together.


Behind the mask

A Portrait photography book with the best and most interresting

The people and locals fascinate me a lot. This may be because within their faces, they have so much detail and can practically tell a story just by starring at you.

I wish to capture as many portraits as possible of every shop owner, farmer, butcher and whoever I can find within south pelion. 

One picture with a mask and whitin without

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